As the digital era is up and coming, many individuals and even traditional brick and mortar companies are turning their attention to market and retail their products online. Clothes and fashion apparels are the common product that have been marketed online. As we did a google search on clothes and fashion apparel, most of the website that appear on the google search page turns out to be retailers instead of wholesalers or suppliers. This means that people are selling clothes retail online. To be able to start a clothes online ecommerce, these retailers will need to look for a reliable supplier or wholesaler. Here are the main considerations when buying clothes wholesale.

Minimum Quantity

Clothes wholesalers and suppliers sell their products in minimum quantity. This means that you cannot buy one piece of clothing and expect to pay wholesale prices for it. There is definitely a minimum quantity required for clothes supplier. In Asia, there are a few traditional countries that provide clothing wholesale. In China, the minimum quantity required is much higher, usually at least ten to a few hundred pieces for a particular clothing design. In Southeast Asia, Thailand is another country where you will find a clothing wholesale market, where the minimum quantity is three pieces.


As most wholesale clothing markets, the higher the quantity that you purchased the cheaper will the wholesale prices. In China and Thailand, most wholesale clothing prices starts as low as 5 dollars USD to 30 dollars USD. Clothing wholesale prices are also dependable on the clothing design. The more complicated a clothing design is, the more fabric materials being used to manufacture a particular piece. Tops and skirts will require lesser fabric to produce so usually the wholesale prices will be much cheaper than a dress. A maxi dress or an evening gown will cost higher because of the amount of fabric needed.

Shipping method

This is one of the important considerations when deciding where to buy your clothing products. In Asia, China has a very well-established supply chain and shipping infrastructure. When you head down to China, Guangzhuo and Yiwu will be the two popular destinations cities in China where you will head to buy clothing wholesale. In these two cities, you can easily find shipping agents to assist you to ship your shipping products back to your country. While Bangkok in Thailand, there is also a number of established shipping companies to assist you to ship your clothing back.

Return Policy

Clothing suppliers usually do not have a return policy. They will expect you to check that the clothing products that you have ordered are the ones that are being delivered to you or your shipping agents. It is important to check and make sure that these are the correct clothing that you ordered before shipping back to your country.




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