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Thai fashion designers in Bangkok follow fashion trends that help them to determine designs that would attract customers. Once the theme is decided, they create sketches of an original idea of a clothing aided by a computer design program such as CAD. Fashion Designers observe fashion trends and based on what they know and try to come up with new designs that consumers will love. This is no easy task. As trying to come up with designs that will be patronise by customers are not mere guess work, rather it involves a substantial amount of research like reading trend reports from trade groups in the fashion industry, attending trade shows and industry gatherings. They then make their predictions of fresh trends based on their knowledge.

When starting a collection, a fashion designer needs to consider their colour story, design functionality, technical package and garment patterns. A fashion designer role can be spilt into ten phases environment.

The fashion designer based in Bangkok Thailand starts with attending trade shows and visiting textile manufacturers to select sample fabric or trims. Textile manufacturers use trend reports to design fabric and trims while fashion designers begin to sketch designs. While visiting textile manufacturers and trade shows, a Thai fashion designer decides which fabric to use with which designs.

During the design development phase, Thai fashion designers decide on a theme or collection, based on their theme or collection, then decide on the fabric, colours and any other accessories needed to put the design together. Fashion designers usually pull a creative idea from their environment, travel, culture or by checking out major brands. The first draft of the design such as a storyboard with sketches is worked on as the fashion designer develops the first prototype. Often less expensive material will be used on the sample design. This creating phase is when the fashion designer takes their vision and put it in a visual expression. Finally, the designer works with models to see how the designs will look and adjust the design as needed.

Thai Fashion designers work on their visual interpretation of colour forecasting. Usually in the areas of pinpointing the trends that manufacturers and buyers will be working with in their respective industry. Beyond that, each season Thai fashion designers are also responsible for developing tangible sensory experience that reflect the mood of a changing culture and hues that reflect the traditional shades seen in the four seasons of nature. They could otherwise be transitory seasonal colours that are deemed current by the fashion trends of the year.

Most fashion designers use the pantone colour standard as both a trend and colour forecasting. These colour standards will be provided by the buyers to textile mills for the preparation of lap dips for approval before any bulk dyeing or printing of textile is allowed.

A fashion designer’s design plan is an overview of a designer collection with all of the design and financial parameters set out before the designer dives into large scale production. It gives potential buyers a clear understanding of the designer’s vision. In the designer’s design plan, it will outline the specifics of the collection. During this period of time, the designer will select suitable fabrics for the collection.

Fashion designers usually use trims to increase hanger appeal, provide product differentiation, show its relations to the current fashion trends and it then carry a theme though an entire collection. At this stage, the fashion designer usually creates a rigged room using garments, colours and pictures that projects the collection. The Fashion designer will do the first sketches and also work on their prototype designs thru adjustments. Through the use of computer programs like CAD, nowadays the designers are able to adjust colours, designs and shapes easily. Once everything is finalised, together with the importer’s line plan and technical specification will then be sent to the manufacturer for pre-production.


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