Custom Made Clothing

Custom made clothing

Often when you meet a clothing supplier, they usually have their own clothing catalogue. In most cases, the clothing supplier has seasonal clothing designs or weekly new designs. In the clothing supplier industry in Asia region, about 70% are women clothing suppliers because the market demand for woman clothes are definitely much higher than male clothing.

Most women clothing suppliers do cater for custom made design demand. However, they mostly cater to bulk wholesale purchase for brands and wholesale retailers. It is not easy for a smaller scale boutique or online clothing to find custom made designs if you are not ordering quantities by the hundred, if not thousands. In Guangzhuo China, clothing suppliers supply custom made clothing by the hundred minimums. In Bangkok Thailand, we have clothing suppliers that caters to purchase of not less than 40 pieces per custom made design.

Usually the buyer will do some research on the designs desired and present it to the clothing supplier. The desired custom-made designs are presented in the form of photograph or clothing samples. The buyer has to inform the clothing supplier of the desired size and fabric to be used in the garment construction process. This is not a very complicated process. The buyer has to do their own research. If the buyer does not have any fabric to use in mind, usually a capable supplier should have access to a full list of fabric available to choose from. There are certain clothing designs that are not suitable for non stretchable fabric while certain clothing certain clothing have to be constructed with a zipper to accommodate the chosen fabric. A critical part of garment design plays a part here.

A genuine supplier has to come up with the clothing sample constructed with the desired fabric. The supplier has to propose whether the fabric chosen is suitable for the garment design.  Once an agreement is set, the supplier can proceed on with the garment construction of the selected design.

Custom made design clothing are not that difficult to construct. With the right supplier and suitable fabric, you can also order your custom made design for your brand or boutique.Thinking ofr setting up your own clothing brand or have a clothing design in mind to market, contact Thai Whalesale Clothing.


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