Apparel Design

Thai Wholesale Clothing Apparel Design

Apparel Designing focus on how to design and the construction a design of an apparel. The techniques of designing the garment is an art.

No matter what is your style, you and your brand, it is always best with a design that’s distinctly reflect your brand. A custom apparel design is a distinctive way to stand out from the usual.  

The initial process of garment production in our business starts from apparel design where our apparel designers study the current trends. Our apparel designers begins designing by sketching a desired design on paper and then transferring the sketched design onto a design software. Our apparel designer draws the desired design on digital. Once completed, they choose a suitable fabric for the design based on current season. Their work continue on where they create paper pattern of the desired design. Together with the chosen fabric, our apparel designer creates a sample piece to determine the design  suitability and final outlook. Once our apparel designer is satisfied with the outcome, then only the production can starts. A more detailed look on the how fashion designers work here

Satisfied with the sample, the apparel designer pass on the pattern designs together with the sample piece along to the tailor department.

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